Powerduo Oy – top expertise in onshore and offshore electric systems

Electric equipment and systems for maritime navigation, vehicles, and industrial operators

Based in Raisio, Finland, Powerduo Oy is a company specialising in the sale of electric equipment and design of complete electric systems for the needs of maritime navigation, vehicles, and industrial operators. High-quality products and skilled design work ensure effective electric systems even in demanding applications. We have several decades of experience in the sector, ensuring knowledge in a wide range of applications and the equipment they require. Our extremely extensive product selection, on the other hand, ensures that also high-capacity electric systems can be implemented by using three phase wiring where required.

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We offer a wide selection of high-quality products by distinguished manufacturers. Our selection includes, for example, batteries, generators, solar panels, and installation accessories. We also implement reliable electric systems as turnkey solutions from simple shore-power systems to automatic secondary power containers needed in locations where the national power supply network is not always available. Our services are available worldwide.


We represent several distinguished brands. Our product selection includes, for example, batteries, various kinds of accessories, accumulators, and solar panels.
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Electric systems

We provide also demanding electric systems with rock-hard expertise and tailored to your specific needs for maritime navigation, vehicles, and industrial operations.
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References demonstrate our expertise, introducing our services and past projects.
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We provide electric equipment and electric systems for various purposes including:

  • boats
  • professional vessels
  • merchant shipping 
  • defence forces
  • mobile homes
  • summer cabins
  • mobile libraries
  • special purpose trucks
  • ambulances
  • industrial operators

We also provide maintenance services

If your electric system needs servicing, you can submit a service order easily by using the form found on our website. Naturally, service orders can also be made by telephone, especially in urgent cases. Our maintenance services are principally only available in Finland.

Powerduo Oy

  • Founded in 2004
  • Seven employees
  • Global operations
  • Based in Raisio, Finland
  • Main cooperation partners: Mastervolt and Fischer Panda